Chapel at St. Dominic’s
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Chapel at St. Dominic’s

2 Donor Wall 2.2

Design by Andrew Cary Young


The narrative theme for the donor wall creates a moving and meaningful image to honor the Lord in his house of worship.   Those that contribute to the building of the chapel have a place to receive recognition for their generosity.  The cross saltire suggests His presence during the passion of Christ and the purple robe His victory over death. Interlocking circles of the chapel quatrefoil form are repeated in the pattern of color in the glass tiles in the wall.  The green suggests the beauty of the earthly realm and the blues the grace given by the Holy Spirit.

The creation of the donor wall was a collaborative effort.  Great art needs great patrons.  And this work would not have been possible without the support and guidance from the St. Dominic Chapel committee.  Andrew Cary Young developed the design concept, prepared the rendering and served to maintain the vision throughout the year long process of creation.   Fletcher Cox, wood artist and master craftsman, fashioned the cross from a weathered pine tree.  Tom Crouch, glass artist and design manager for the project, prepared with mastery the purple robe cast in glass using the pate de verre technique,  Joy Abedikichi, studio glass artist, managed the color and prepared the glass tiles and text plaques, Rob Cooper, master glass painter, executed the narrative statement “Give Thanks to the Lord, …for He is Good,” in embossed gold leafed hand cut lettering,  Mark Adams, master wood worker, prepared the support forms for the glass plaques and Bob Hudson, poet and installation manager with his team, installed all of the component parts.

Narrative statement by Andrew Cary Young



From Andrew Cary Young in an email on January 6, 2015 to Sister Dorothea and Fletcher Cox:

“When I saw this picture of the crucifix in the chapel I was stunned.  This happens to me from time to time.  Something about an initial site analysis will stick in my mind and find a way to be expressed in the design.  And this is a perfect example.  I remember admiring the crucifix and to be honest I have not given it another thought until now. I am sure you will recognize the amazing similarity between the crucifix and Fletcher’s rendering of the cross from the pine tree. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity to serve the St. Dominic’s hospital community.”



From Sister Dorothea, Director Emeritus, St. Dominic’s Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi:

“This gives me another opportunity to thank you for all your superb artistic talent you have shared and given St. Dominic’s that elicits compliments from visitors near and far away.  Magnificent!  The donor wall is a masterpiece and a great way to recognize our generous donors. Your work is so artistic and so beautiful.  The donor gifts from the old chapel are wonderful mementos for us to give to those who support us financially.   Thank you and your staff for all your artistic work on another St. Dominic project.”



Fletcher Cox, master wood worker, artist, and collaborator with Andrew Cary Young on numerous liturgical projects:

“The St. Dominic’s crucifix is extraordinary. Jesus is staring sightless down as all his muscles are tensed, keeping himself standing on the block, totally focused on resisting gravity (i.e. entropy, i.e. death). The moment of maximum suffering.”



The St. Dominic Chapel is an award winning architectural creation by Chuck Barlow of Barlow Eddy Jenkins PA. The donor wall is located in the De Porres Room that is named after St. Martin de Porres, a Dominican Saint from Peru, South America who cared for the poor and the sick. St. Dominic Hospital continues this tradition to this day.

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St. Dominic Hospital, Chapel Donor Wall