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Stained Glass and Art Architectural Glass
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Featured Videos
We will continue to post here our new videos as they keep coming online. So keep checking back from time to time for anything new. And if you have any comments or feedback let us know. Send us an email at info@prgs.wpengine.com or visit our Facebook page and leave us a comment there.
Introduction |
Andrew Cary Young

Communication is the lifeblood of any business. Over the last decade we have been creating videos about our work at Pearl River Glass Studio.


This overview video gives you a good overall portrait of PRGS.  It was produced well before the implementation of our 2012 business plan. It covers our tradition as a stained glass studio thoroughly. However the new focus on expanding into Architectural Art Glass is not as evident as the current arch of the growth of the company. Currently in production is a new video that will cover this new direction.

More Videos From PRGS
A Case Study
Stained Glass Restoration Project

This video was produced as a fundraising tool to be used by the school to raise money for the thorough renovation of the chapel.   As the video describes the chapel windows are Munich School windows made 114 years ago.

prgs youtube channel
Keynote Speaker: 2014 Annual Conference
 Stained Glass Association of America

Andrew Cary Young was asked by the SGAA to present the keynote address to the annual meeting in 1994. This video is taken from the text of the presentation along with the `photographs. The presentation was about the new path into Kiln Formed Glass Innovations that the studio has been following for the past decade.

prgs youtube channel
Client Presentation: After Installation
Givens Estates

In 2007-2008 PRGS had the opportunity to work with the fine people and institution of Givens Estates Retirement Community in Asheville North Carolina. This video is a professionally produced video that is a candid review by Andrew Cary Young of the commission process and the symbolism of the stained glass windows in the chapel.

prgs youtube channel
Special Feature: Mississippi Public Broadcasting
PRGS Founder: Andrew Cary Young

MPB reporter Ron Brown interviews Young about his work as a designer and the owner of Pearl River Glass Studio.

prgs youtube channel
Repairing and Restoring Stained Glass
Jesuit High School

As part of a continuing enhancement of it’s facilities, Jesuit will begin a “100-year renovation” of the Holy Name Chapel in summer 2014.

prgs vimeo channel
St. Luke Tupelo
Tornado Window

On April 28, 2014, a devastating tornado destroyed part of St. Luke United Methodist Church, in Tupelo, Mississippi. Pearl River Glass Studio made this window to commemorate this momentous event in the life of the church.

prgs vimeo channel
Kiln Formed Fused Glass Panels

Barksdale Residential

Waves and Beach scene in the vertical perspective

ph vimeo channel