ArtWORKS in Glass
Stained Glass and Art Architectural Glass
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ArtWORKS in Glass: We can't wait to hear about your project.

The staff at Pearl River Glass Studio are here to talk with you.  We want to hear your story and explore next steps to working together.  Our works of art can enhance your world, office or church with inspiration and functional beauty.

making glass art projects a great experience

We would like very much to work with you to create a piece of glass art that adorns your place of worship or your home.

Our team has inherited the gift of stained glass from glass artists of the past and we want to create something new for you to follow their tradition. Glass in architecture has always been innovative. Let us design and create something exquisite for you too.

Masters of
Stained Glass Restoration



We would like to help you be good stewards of your meaningful or historical stained glass, if needed, by restoring your cultural treasure.

We want to work with you to create a work of glass art that adds beauty to where you worship or where you work or play.

Art glass does so many things. It tells you a story, blocks the sun’s glare from your eyes, hides the view you don’t want to see, and projects vivid colors on the walls and floors of the room you are in.

Traditional & Contemporary Works in Glass

We want to work with you to explore your need for, or interest in, art glass. Call us, message us on Facebook, send us an email, or even write us a letter!

Reach out to Pearl River Glass Studio as a first step.


Let’s create a work of glass art that lasts and inspires for generations.