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Andrew Cary Young

Andrew Cary Young


Since the first art piece in glass made in the garage in 1975 I have kept an independent body of work as a painter underway in my personal time.  Beings creative is very therapeutic.


Dr. Thomasina Blizard, a friend of artists in our community, told me something she had learned as a clinical psychologist and professor at the University Medical School.  Her patients did not begin to show a sign of recovery until they were involved in some form of creative activity.  Hand crafts, painting, writing, music, indeed, any form of creativity would do.


I believe that creativity is when truth comes into being.  By keeping focused on purely creative pursuits in my painting studio I was able to keep my mind agile when It was necessary to cope with the demands of entrepreneurship.


A concert pianist practices hours every day.  And as a designer for our studio I felt it was my responsibility to be at the best of my ability when called on to create a stained glass window design or for any other creative approach to a design problem presented in architectural art glass projects.  Like the pianist, painting independently, was my practicing the piano.


In college I took all my electives in the art department while a student in landscape architecture.  As often as I could I would take a life drawing class. Since then I have participated in any number of the permutations of the figure drawing group we started at PRGS in 1978. Four years ago I committed to going as often as I could to the dawning group that meets at Millsaps College every Saturday afternoon.


A year ago I showed Marcy Nessel the owner and director of Fischer Galleries in Jackson my stack of paintings from the life drawing class. She loved what she saw so much so that we decided to have my show. What you see here are a few samples of the works I will have at my first exhibit in a commercial gallery on February 12, 2015.


Link to marcy’s gallery :




December 9, 2014


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