Workshops With Michael Dupille
Stained Glass and Art Architectural Glass
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Workshops With Michael Dupille

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Michael Dupille is a master kiln-formed glass artist based in Seattle, Washington. He has designed work for Bullseye Glass, was a guest artist  and  instructor at Camp Colton, and his creative input is well featured in  Boyce Lundstrom’s books on art glass techniques. His work is highly collectible and his numerous public and private commissions include projects for the Washington and Oregon States Arts Commissions, The Everett Cultural Commission, The Seattle Times, The Pierce County Arts Commission,, and the Seattle Mariners.  He has been a friend and advisor to Pearl River Glass Studio for many years, and in celebration of our 40th anniversary we are excited for him to be in our studio for the week of July 13th-17th to share his unique knowledge of Fritography and Vitreou Painting through workshops hosted at Pearl River Glass Studio.

Fritography with a Twist

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Three Day Workshop
July 13-15 – $375

In this course we will briefly review the concepts and methods of Beginning Fritography then then explore some new techniques and working methods that will bring your work to a whole new level of fun and sophistication.

Want mayo and mustard on that? I will show you my process of making a ‘frit sandwich’ and all the amazing things you can do with that process. We’ll focus on creating unusual shapes, surface treatments, firing schedules and cover mural making techniques. We will also be using different frit sizes for amazing effects with single and multiple firings.
Discussions on color theory, imagery and individual assessments are also part of the course.

Almost forgot to mention the dynamite slide show!
Michael has a personable, informative style of teaching and will gladly address issues and questions regarding the direction of your work or technical problems.
Here’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with one of the glass fusing pioneers.
Previous fusing experience required, but not much…
Students need to bring their glass tool kits, a dust mask or respirator, notebook, some simple images to work from and a span of attention.

Tranchant du Verre

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Two Day Workshop
July 16-17 -$250

The English translation from French roughly means ‘the knife edge of glass’. This unique process is based on traditional palette knife painting using oils or acrylics.

By using powdered glass with a suspension medium, in this case Vitrigel, similar effects can be created with this technique. These can be altered, added to and embellished using all of what we have in our world of kiln-formed glass techniques and processes. The possibilities are unlimited.

Multiple firing using this method gives dimension and richness, depth and vitality to the finished work. This is a really quick, fun and expressive process to create imagery with glass in ways that were previously in the realm of traditional painting mediums for canvas.

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Pearl River Glass Studio

142 Millsaps Avenue

Jackson, MS 39202

$600 for the week + $75 material & lab fee SAVE $25

$375 Fritography with a Twist + $45  material & lab fee

$250 Tranchant du Verre + $30 material & lab fee

all classes includes instruction, shared noon meal, and evening activities.

Click link above


call 601-353-2497 to register