Pearl River Glass Studio | Bob Hudson
Stained Glass and Art Architectural Glass
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Bob Hudson

Bob Hudson


Bob Hudson is a native Mississippian who has lived many different lives and worked many jobs before his current role as install manager. He was relieved when Katrina destroyed all of his belongings, and eventually he made his way to Mississippi and where he became a cornerstone of the Pearl River Staff. He is a dedicated hard worker, and puts in the kind of long hours and effort that can’t be competed with. In his job description is the phrase “creative problem solving in the field.” He has installed a giant light box inside a tiny 13 inch wide alley between buildings, taken apart and put together stained glass domes, mounted glass sculptures, and hung architectural art glass via almost every method and hardware possible. His unique position at the studio allows him to see every work by Pearl River completed and in place. In his spare time he writes poetry, is a bicycle advocate, yogi, and part time nude model.


December 9, 2014


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