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Amelia Key

Amelia Key


Amelia Key grew up in Dothan, Alabama. She graduated from Belhaven University in 2011 with a BA in Art. She is a painter and sculptor, who, for the past nine years, has been exploring plastics and explosive color. Amelia works with our stained glass department on traditional church windows and has contributed her own designs and color aesthetic. She is excited about the possibilities of fused glass and learning a new medium, as well has having a creative environment to work in. She has shown her art work at Fischer Galleries, the Wiregrass Museum of Art, and the Arkansas Arts Center. In her spare time, Amelia enjoys musical pursuits, particularly playing piano and marimba.


When growing up, Ameilia explored musical interests in both piano and percussion. In her mixed media sculptures, her musical background reveals itself in the resonating “notes” of color, lyrical lines of wire, and various rhythmic repetitions found throughout her work. Amelia enjoys working with found objects chosen for their bright colors, plasticity, shape, and texture, which she then alters and re-purposes to create new forms. Amelia works intuitively, allowing her pieces to evolve naturally into their final state. One of her favorite parts of the creative process is dialoguing with her materials and allowing them to surpass her initial vision.


December 9, 2014


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