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For the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, Pearl River Glass Studio has created a stained glass window titled Father of Waters – a translation of “Mississippi” by the Algonkian-speaking Indians. In his design, Andrew Cary Young invoked an aesthetic sensitive to the Walter Anderson ethos to depict the symbolic cornerstones of our state. Its eye-level placement gives museum visitors the unique opportunity to see the window’s quality, creativity, and imagination up close.

The window, as a significant work of art, is a focal point in the MAX Church exhibit. For this reason it is reminiscent of historical examples of stained glass found in many Mississippi churches. The design features a vignette of neoclassical architecture anchored by a Romanesque arch with a symmetry that is immediately understandable. However, there are differences in the two sides: the more traditional left side is constructed with time-tested techniques and late 19th century opalescent stained glass; the right depicts a more modern application of design and materials.




The window is highly symbolic as subtle religious tones blend with state icons (e.g. the blues guitar, catfish). The focal point is a spirit bird hovering in front of a flowing river. The spirit bird form has been repeatedly depicted in the glass artwork and paintings of Young since approximately 1978. Because the window is described as a work of art by Young and the artisans of Pearl River Glass Studio, the inclusion of this artistic idiom is fitting. Through a religious lens, the bird alludes to the dove of the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus at his baptism in the River Jordan. In the spirit of a symbol, the bird dually references the abundant and verdant scenes in our forests and along the Mississippi. In the end, this window offers plenty of room for interpretation.

Bivins Table

The Bivins table…

Our CPA brought us an empty steel frame for a patio table. He requested we make a mosaic table top to replace the original clear float glass. READ MORE

Open House – Galloway Gallery & Gardens

Please join me on Thursday, April 5th for an open house at Galloway Gallery and Gardens.   

I have lived in Fondren since 2008 and have purchased and remodeled my home on Galloway Avenue….just a few blocks from the Fondren First Thursday festivities. I am known as a glass artist and part of my discipline is to create paintings and images on paper and board. I started last year opening my home studio from 5:00-8:00pm on the same night as Fondren First Thursday.READ MORE

St. Paul Lutheran Church in Imperial, Missouri

How Pearl River Glass found its way to Missouri is just one example of how many of our projects happen. Eric Held, Elmer Held’s son, is a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Elmer is a long time member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Imperial, Missouri. While visiting with his son and family, he admired the windows created by PRGS for Christ Lutheran Church here in Jackson. For some time St. Paul’s has wanted a stained glass window in the chancel behind the altar. After receiving an inquiry from St. Paul’s I traveled to Missouri to see St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and to meet with Reverend Charlie Schultz, their minister and to determine the scope of work for this project.READ MORE